AI Art and the Future of the Art World – Artist Chat

AI art has been exploding in the art community. Some artists are outraged and fearful for their jobs. Others are excited at the potential to use artificial intelligence as a tool to improve their art and workflow.

If you read my article, Will AI Replace Artists?, you’ll know that I definitely tend to find myself in the former camp. There has been an explosion online of both artists and non-artists using AI generated artwork to generate huge amounts of profit through print and NFT sales, even Patreon accounts, often while misleading their followers by not labeling the art as AI generated.

Not only is this misleading to art consumers, but it’s starting to push other artists out of the spotlight, taking up space in social feeds and draining potential revenue from working artists.

It’s also putting immense pressure on young and developing artists trying to enter the art workforce to use this technology to gain a competitive edge in the art market.

However, not everyone in the art community shares my perspective, which is why I was so glad to have a chance to talk to one of my favorite artists, Adrian Virlan, about the subject. Adrian has experimented a bit with AI art himself, and sees it as more of a useful tool, a way of generating ideas, and not something that artists should be extremely worried about.

During our chat, we discuss and debate a variety of topics around AI art. What is AI art, and how does it work? Is it going to put artists out of work? How are people taking advantage of it? How is it useful for artists? And finally, what will the future of the art world look like with artificial intelligence?

You can watch the full chat above or follow this link here.

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