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A digital painting depicting a sasquatch warrior dressed in armor holding two pistols and a sword

5 Steps to Creating Unique Character Artwork

For this week’s video, I want to share with you some insights from a recent commissioned character piece. I’ll show you my entire process from start to finish with five simple steps of development. Check it out on the channel here, and make sure you subscribe so you don’t miss out on future content like this!

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A graphic showing the art mentorship text and logo with illustrations behind it

Improve Your Artwork with the ESA Art Mentorship

I’m very pleased to announce that I’m now accepting students into my new ESA Mentorship Program! There are a variety of options available in the program, allowing for you to choose how best to achieve your own art goals and develop your skills, including Individual Sessions, Group Sessions, and the monthly Full Mentorship.

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A digital artwork workspace with a laptop and a drawing tablet

3 Ways to Boost Your Creativity & Make Better Art

Today I want to share with you three of my personal tips on boosting creativity and getting the most out of your art practice. Check it out on the channel here, and make sure you subscribe so you don’t miss out on future content like this!

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A digital landscape painting of a snowy road with a building in the distance

Create a Digital Landscape Painting in 30 Minutes

If you haven’t tried speedpainting, you really owe it to yourself to give it a go. It’s a great way to improve your efficiency and learn to prioritize the most important elements of a painting. Plus it’s just a great way to practice when you don’t have too much free time. In this video I go over some of my speedpainting strategies, and tell you how you can use them to improve your own work.

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Learn to Use Flow in Your Art Compositions

How do you get your audience to quickly immerse themselves in a painting and keep their attention there for as long as possible? This is a question artists have asked themselves for hundreds of years, but it’s never been more relevant.

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Improve Your Art & Get Motivated with Autodrawing

I recently created an Instagram poll asking people whether or not they experienced lack of motivation as a common obstacle in creating art. 96% of those people said this was, in fact, an issue for them. I’ve definitely experienced this quite a lot myself.

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Introducing ESA Tutorials!

That’s right, after overwhelming requests from some dedicated followers, I’ve now released my first complete narrated video tutorial here on the site. And for the first week, you can get it for $5 off the full price!

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A thumbnail image of Adrian Virlan with the text Artist Chat over a fantasy landscape illustration

Becoming a Concept Artist (with Adrian Virlan)

I had the great pleasure of being able to to sit down and chat a bit with professional concept artist and illustrator Adrian Virlan about his experience becoming a concept artist, exploring creativity, and finding a balance between passion and profession.

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A picture of the Eben Schumacher art logo

Welcome to the New Website!

There’s so much to explore here, whether it’s the brand new Portfolio layout with custom categories and pages, to the new and improved ESA Shop, to the revised and expanded Mentorship Program with the all new and exclusive Membership Vault for students, or even the vast wealth of free resources, articles, videos, and insights you can find in the Archives.

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My Story

An in-depth account of my journey from drawing dinosaurs as a little kid, to my struggles with poor mental health and work habits, the mistakes I made as an artist, and what I had to learn to build my own business and become a full-time professional creative.

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A hand sketching out landscape ideas on paper with a pencil

Try This Idea Sketching Technique (Art Time Lapse)

For this one, I decided to get back to my traditional roots a bit and do some concept thumbnail sketching with good old fashioned pencil on paper. Add to that some epic fantasy soundtracks and a bit of a speed boost and you’ve got a recipe for a meditative and relaxing experience as you watch these ideas unfold (along with some shockingly satisfying sounds of pencil on paper).

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A screenshot of a master study digital painting in Photoshop

Learn to Paint Like a Master Artist

There’s one technique that’s practically guaranteed to have you painting like a pro: it’s called a master study. Find out exactly how I use master studies to improve my artwork with this example from one of Tyler Edlin’s paintings.

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