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Check Out These Sweet New YouTube Videos!

Yes, I’ve been really diving into the YouTube content recently, and I’ve been getting a lot of really great feedback. In just a couple of months we’re up to almost 200 subscribers! Thanks to everyone who has been watching new content, and tuning in to m y weekly Live Stream Painting Demos as well (which are going to be held at 12:00 PM EST every Sunday.

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New Process Videos on YouTube!

Did you know I also have a YouTube channel? Yes, believe it or not, in addition to making these fine artworks, I also record and publish videos of my process on YouTube (and, of course, you may already be familiar with my Live Stream Painting Demos as well).

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A Glimpse Into My Recent Album Artwork Process

Recently, I had the pleasure of making some album artwork for the cinematic music of AI Ghostwriter. This project was such a blast, not only because they are a pleasure to work with, but because I got to isolate some skills and push the creative direction a bit outside of my normal boundaries.

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Take a Dive Into Your Fantasy World!

I’ve been getting into some fantasy fiction myself recently, and it inspired me to create this piece during a recent Live Stream. It’s so vital to me to be immersing myself in content like that, to lose myself in a beautiful fictional world every now and then. It compels me to visualize it, every character, landscape, and scene, and eventually, it compels me to paint it.

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A digital painting created in a live art stream

The Live Art Experience You’ve Been Missing

Whether you’re here because you love fantasy art, or because you’re an artist yourself and you’re looking for inspiration (or both), I think you will benefit from my weekly free Live Stream Digital Painting Demo, which it streamed to YouTube and Facebook every Sunday at 6 PM EST!

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A digital painting of a dwarf miner finding a glowing gem stone depicted in this concept art time lapse video

Concept Art Time Lapse – Dwarf Miner

I’ve got a brand new video for you this week for you fantasy art lovers. This piece was actually created for the winner of my recent custom art giveaway, and now I’m sharing the process for everyone who wants to see it! Just one of the many ways I like to show appreciation for my small community of artists and art fans here.

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A digital painting of a ruined city floating in the sky with waterfalls and clouds and grass that is depicted in this fantasy landscape time lapse

Fantasy Landscape Time Lapse – Floating Ruins

I’ve been super busy lately working on all kinds of awesome art projects, teaching students, and (slowly) migrating to a new website host that will help me get even more sweet content out to you guys. And still, as promised, you all get a shiny new video every week (with some epic fantasy scores!).

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