Become the Dragonlord with this New Print!

With the power of the ancient Dragonlords now burning blue in his hand, he stood boldly upon a rocky precipice, overlooking the molten valley below. Black forms circled far above, carried upon plumes of ashen smoke that billowed from the burning rock below. Then, slowly, as if in anticipation of his arrival, a massive, haunting shape arose from the shimmering waves of heat, a terrible creature with embers for eyes, dripping spouts of flame from between rock-spire teeth….

For those of you who have been waiting for a new dragon painting to hang on your wall…well, wait no more!

I made this one for you dragon and fantasy art lovers out there, so you can take home a piece of art that really warms up your heart.

So now is your chance to become the Dragonlord, and conquer the realm of wings, fire, and stone! Order your print right now while it’s 15% OFF in the ESA shop, and take home the magic for yourself or a loved one :).

And stay tuned next week for some sweet deals on tutorials, prints, and brushes for Black Friday!

Waiting to see something specific in the ESA Shop? Write back and let me know! I’m always open to feedback and suggestions.



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