Unwind With This Relaxing Time Lapse

For this one, I decided to get back to my traditional roots a bit and do some concept thumbnail sketching with good old fashioned pencil on paper. Add to that some epic fantasy soundtracks and a bit of a speed boost and you’ve got a recipe for a meditative and relaxing experience as you watch these ideas unfold (along with some shockingly satisfying sounds of pencil on paper).

Sale! 25% Off All Prints!

It’s been a pretty difficult few months for everyone, and I want to honor and respect that by giving you guys an opportunity to have a little more art in your life for a little bit less. So, moving forward, I’m discounting all my poster and print products by 25%! If you’re been thinking about investing in some fantasy art as a gift for a friend or loved one, or perhaps as a piece of immersive decor for your own home, now is the time!

Take a Dive Into Your Fantasy World!

I’ve been getting into some fantasy fiction myself recently, and it inspired me to create this piece during a recent Live Stream. It’s so vital to me to be immersing myself in content like that, to lose myself in a beautiful fictional world every now and then. It compels me to visualize it, every character, landscape, and scene, and eventually, it compels me to paint it.