Improve Your Artwork with the ESA Art Mentorship

I’m very pleased to announce that enrollments are now open for my art mentorship. You can check out more info on the program here, but first let me tell you a little about why this is something you need in your life.

As I’ve written in this article, far too many young artists are throwing money away at expensive universities to get art degrees.

The truth is, nobody who has hired me to create artwork has ever asked if I have a college degree. All they care about is my professionalism, and the quality of my portfolio.

And the great thing is, there are tons of free art resources available online now. I’ve personally created tons of free content on my own YouTube channel.

But the truth is, it’s tough to know where to start. And even then, how are you going to know if you’re on the right track? How can you learn to identify issues with your own work? Or learn how to be employable as an artist in today’s art world?

These are things only an experienced mentor can provide. And that’s exactly what I’m here for.

Launching your art career

A digital artwork workspace with a laptop and a drawing tablet

Many students have gone on to get paid art gigs after my mentorship program. And if you want to hear more about their experiences, you can read what they’ve said here.

The thing is, there are some very basic things any artist needs to improve their work and get paid jobs. You need to know what field you want to get into, what kind of portfolio to craft to get jobs in that field, and how to get your skills to a hirable level.

These are all things I discuss with new students during the first session. If you’re not totally sure if you want to commit to the full mentorship, you can book one session just to go over exactly what you need to improve your work.

Improving your skills

Student artwork from the art mentorship depicting a statue in a forest by a river
Student work from Brian Sirith
Student artwork from the art mentorship depicting a magical scroll on a desk

Not everyone wants to make money from their art. I’ve had students who simply want to get better, so they can enjoy making art even more.

Whether that sounds like you, or you’re determined to make a living from your art, I’m here to teach you the skills you need to make quality artwork.

During our sessions, I provide lessons and assignments on everything from perspective, anatomy, and color theory, to shape language, composition, value structure, and more. All of this I cater specifically to your needs as an artist.

In addition, you get access to the growing body of tutorial content in the Mentorship Vault. So you can access exclusive tutorial videos and resources in between lessons.

Live feedback and paintovers

A digital landscape painting depicting a mountain and some characters from a student in my art mentorship
A digital landscape painting depicting a mountain and some characters from a student in my art mentorship

This is the fun part.

During each session, you get to submit your completed artwork for review. In the call, I’ll show you exactly how I would improve the artwork, and why. You’ll get to see in real time the strategies and tools I would use to improve the work, so that you can try to replicate it on your own time.

Oh, and did I mention you get access to recordings of every single session?

That means you can review every session as many times as you want if there was something you wanted to see again.

Ok, I’ve explained enough about this, but I think it’s better if you see this process in action.

So I’m offering you a special deal here. Just email me at with your name and the subject line “Free mentorship”. Include a link to your portfolio and attach an artwork image if you want a paintover, and I’ll record a free 10 minute feedback video for you.

That’s it—no catch. If you decide you want to continue with the full art mentorship after that, it’s up to you.

So reach out and say hi, and feel free to ask me any questions you have about the program.

Talk soon!


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