The Live Art Experience You’ve Been Missing

Whether you’re here because you love fantasy art, or because you’re an artist yourself, you own it yourself to check out some digital live art streams on YouTube.

This is a totally new way to experience the creation process that’s totally unprecedented. During these events, you get to chat with the artist (yeah, me) live, ask questions, and engage with fellow creatives.

More than that, though, you can see the full art creation process, often from start to finish, with live narration and explanation.

If you’re an artist, this is basically a free class you can get whenever you want. If you’re not, well—I think you’ll find it interesting anyway. I find it so cool so see exactly how a piece goes from just an idea, or a formless mass of color and texture, to a fully polished painting.

Like take this landscape I started during one of my live art streams awhile back. This was all painted in under two hours, but I had no idea what it was going to be when I started.

A digital painting of a golem creature looking out over a vast landscape

Like take a look at what this looked like just ten minutes into the process:

A work in progress shot of a digital landscape painting

Crazy, right?

It can be a really wild ride going from something like this to a more finished concept. And it’s really fun for me to have viewers guide the process as well (yes, you can make decisions about where the painting goes, too).

There have even been a few streams where I let the audience completely pick the subject, with some wild results. I’m talking lava monsters battling water dragons, stuff like that.

Anyway, keep an eye out for live events or watch any of over 50 live streams I already have recorded on my YouTube channel here.

I look forward to seeing you all there 🙂



Check out more artworks like this one on my portfolio here!

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