Fantasy Scene Concept Art Tutorial

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In this tutorial, I’ve condensed a 10-hour digital painting process into 3 hours of fully narrated video content to hone in on the most vital elements of the process. I walk you through the entire painting process of my piece “Huntress in the Valley”, from idea generation and thumbnailing, to value mapping, digital painting techniques, adding photo textures, and finishing touches to bring your piece to presentation quality.

What You Get

  • A complete zip file (5 GB) containing the following: Seven HD video files of the tutorial divided into the following sections:

1. Thumbnailing and Value Mapping
2. Underpainting
3. Developing a Focal Point
4. Texturing
5. Character Detailing
6. Finishing Touches
7. 20 Minute Time Lapse Video

  • The full resolution final image of “Huntress in the Valley” for reference.
  • BONUS: Now includes the latest version of the ESA Brush Pack

What You'll Learn

In this tutorial you’ll learn how to…

  • Create a fully detailed digital painting from start to finish
  • Generate painting thumbnails efficiently and creatively that tell an interesting story
  • Create a compelling and visually appealing composition and design
  • Use values to draw attention to key areas in a painting
  • Incorporate traditional painting techniques to give your digital painting more life
  • Use specific tricks and shortcuts in Photoshop to make your workflow more efficient
  • Create realistic atmosphere and depth in your landscapes
  • Create intriguing and detailed characters
  • Apply photo textures to create detail and realism in your painting
  • Recover from and move past inevitable “mistakes” in your painting process
  • Work past lagging motivation and inspiration and get over the mid-painting “slump” to bring your piece to a completed state
  • Develop strong mindsets around practicing, commissioned work, and getting feedback on your art.

Who This Tutorial is For

This tutorial is for you if…

  • You are a beginner to intermediate artist looking to improve your skills and develop a strong painting mindset.
  • You have some experience with painting and want to learn more about painting in the digital medium.
  • You want to make your digital artwork more detailed and realistic.
  • You struggle with figuring out how to start a painting and generate interesting and creative ideas without inspiration.
  • You struggle with completing pieces and often get stuck halfway through and never finish.
  • You are forever a student of art and want to learn as much as possible and improve your skills every day!


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Do I need Photoshop to learn from this tutorial?

This piece was created in Adobe Photoshop using a digital drawing tablet, but the lessons here are certainly applicable to both other digital applications as well as traditional painting styles. While specific Photoshop techniques are discussed here, most of those functions are available in other painting software as well.

Is this tutorial for beginners?

This tutorial was designed with the beginner and/or intermediate digital artist in mind. If you have no experience painting or using digital art software before, you may find some of these concepts a bit advanced, but if you have some very basic painting experience and are at least familiar with digital drawing software at minimum, this tutorial is for you.

Can I get a refund for this product?

All sales of digital products are final, but if you are not satisfied with the tutorial, please let me know by sending me an email at or using the contact section below.

2 reviews for Fantasy Scene Concept Art Tutorial

  1. Avatar

    Alan (verified owner)

    Again, no brainer. Eben is a legend. Very in-depth tutorials. I watched each video (no painting), broke down what he was saying and tried some extra concepts on the side. You gotta practice people. Only way to help you understand why he is thinking what he is thinking. Moreover, how he makes his decisions. If you just watch it once you are doing it wrong.

  2. Avatar

    Sam (verified owner)

    This tutorial is awesome. The most valuable part is, that Eben gives us a deep insight into his process and artistic decisions. I really like the honest explanations of the single steps he takes to finish this piece. I can recommend it to anyone who wants to improve their workflow and add new tools to their toolbox. Thanks Eben for your work!

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