This Month’s Patreon Painting – “Arrival”

Each month I’ll be releasing some new artwork for you guys to take a deep dive into (and you get to be the first to see it!). Depending on your tier, you’ll get anything from a little backstory, some behind-the scene insights, to the full PSD download, time-lapse videos, narrated tutorials, and more.

For this month, I’ve just wrapped up this personal piece, “Arrival”. Funny story about this one—I actually started it about 3 years ago, recorded the whole thing, and just sort of ran out of steam at some point (which happens for most personal work, really).

However, I’ve been thinking about finishing it for some time, and your support gave me the motivation to give it a final pass! 

I have the whole thing on video, as well as process shots, and the full PSD that I’ll be releasing to qualifying tiers, so make sure you check out the different tiers and consider subscribing or upgrading to see those!

It’s pretty cool to see how my skills and techniques have changed, and how I made some modifications to the original design to reflect my current artistic sensibilities.

Anyway, lots more coming soon, so stay tuned 🙂

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