Welcome to the Website of Eben Schumacher Art

Digital fantasy painting of a dragon and a woman looking out over a landscape

Hey everyone!

I’m super pleased to finally get my official art website off the ground. I really wanted to get it right, and make sure your experience on this site is as streamlined as possible.

Ok, so you made it here—now what? I know, there are lots of pretty things to look at here, so I’ll break it down for you:

This website will serve as a hub for several different pathways, including my art portfolio section, where you can see my complete collection of fantasy and sci-fi concept art and illustrations. You can also check out my bio section, where you can learn more about me as an artist (and read my full story, if you’re interested).

And of course there’s loads of art content for learners and art fans alike on my YouTube channel or Patreon pages.

If you’re an artist yourself and looking to learn, check out the Patreon page I mentioned above, as well as my tutorials and Mentorship program, where I offer one-on-one guided learning for beginner and intermediate artists.

You may just be here to check out my work and maybe grab a quote on some artwork for your project. If so, I’d be happy to chat with you any time—just reach out through the contact section and we’ll take it from there. I’ve done everything from book cover illustrations to album artwork, concept art for films and video games, and more.

I’m always happy to work with new clients and learn more about what projects you’re working on.

I know there’s a lot to digest here, so feel free to reach out if you have any questions!

So glad to finally have you here, and thanks for dropping by!


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