Becoming a Concept Artist (with Adrian Virlan)

Being a concept artist is one of the coolest jobs many beginner artists can imagine.

You get to just come up with interesting ideas and draw them all day. Create creatures, and landscapes, and characters that will actually come to life in a film or video game. You can work with a team, or freelance, or both.

And for many artists, it’s a kind of job that could be a real way to make a living.

Consequently, many beginners are looking for input from real professional concept artists.

And last week I had the great pleasure of being able to to sit down and chat a bit with one of the best I know—concept artist and illustrator Adrian Virlan about his experience becoming a concept artist, exploring creativity, and finding a balance between passion and profession.

We had such a great conversation and took some deep dives into what it means to be a professional artist, and some of the best ways someone can go from an amateur to professional, as well as how to tap into your deeper creativity.

Here’s the full interview (you can always turn it on and listen while you’re working on something else, too!).

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