The Art of Viper in the Court – Live Art Chat

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I’m really pleased to share this live streamed art chat with my long-time client and friend Ynes Malakova, author and CEO/Publisher of Balance of Seven, LLC. In this chat, we discuss her upcoming novel, A Viper in the Court, and reveal some new artwork that I created for the book.

Firstly, we discuss some of the backstory behind the artwork, and some of the ways I create artwork from an existing world. We also touch upon creating powerful character designs, and overall tips for freelancing and the client-artist relationship.

I was super excited for this chat. Ynes has been my unwavering supporter since the very beginning. She hired me for my very first commissioned digital artwork, and has been providing amazing projects ever since. This was also an opportunity to share some work that I’m very proud of and show you guys a deep dive into my process.

I always enjoy these kinds of collaborations. Combining different disciplines to create a cohesive world is one of the coolest things about being a creator. I think you’ll enjoy listening to Ynes highlighting some of the key elements of her story, and my breakdown of the artwork process.

Towards the end, we also discuss the artist-client relationship, and how it looks from both sides. We talk about revisions, and when it’s appropriate to request them. We discuss how to pitch illustration ideas as someone with no art experience.

And ultimately, how to behave in a way that improves the relationship and leads to more work.

I can guarantee this art chat will be interesting for artists, authors, and art enthusiasts alike.

You can watch the whole chat in the video above. And make sure you check out some of my other creator conversations, like this one with Sam Perin.


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