Art Mentorship Landscape Paintover (Before & After)

Earlier this week I was going through student work from the group session in my art mentorship program. I’m seeing some really amazing work coming from these guys.

In fact, I made a short video here demonstrating some revisions I made to a student’s artwork. This is actually something I do all the time with students, like this example from another student I work with, Jorgen:

A digital landscape painting depicting a mountain and some characters from a student in my art mentorship

This is actually one of the greatest benefits of digital art that I utilize all the time.

In art school, there are horror stories of professors painting over their work or scribbling all over their sketches.

Now, there’s actually some merit to doing this to your own art (which I touch upon in my autodrawing video). But even better is having an art instructor who can make drastic edits to your artwork without messing with the original.

That’s exactly what I do with these paintovers.

The goal here is not to say “look how much better I can do this”. With each phase of the process, I walk the student through exactly why I’m making the changes I do. I show them real techniques they can use to do the same. If they’re missing the technical knowledge, I provide that also.

Through repetition and bringing awareness to what isn’t working well in the painting, the student begins to anticipate the changes and make those changes themselves.

I call that learning. And its why many of my students go from art hobbyists to actually getting paid gigs after my art mentorship.

So if you’re interested in learning more about this, just reach out to me directly, or check out the mentorship page here. I’d be happy to chat and answer any questions you might have.

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