Art Tutorials

Unwind With This Relaxing Time Lapse

For this one, I decided to get back to my traditional roots a bit and do some concept thumbnail sketching with good old fashioned pencil on paper. Add to that some epic fantasy soundtracks and a bit of a speed boost and you’ve got a recipe for a meditative and relaxing experience as you watch these ideas unfold (along with some shockingly satisfying sounds of pencil on paper).

Another Epic Time Lapse For You

I’ve got a brand new video for you this week for you fantasy art lovers. This piece was actually created for the winner of my recent custom art giveaway, and now I’m sharing the process for everyone who wants to see it! Just one of the many ways I like to show appreciation for my small community of artists and art fans here.

Check Out This Epic Student Paintover Video!

I’ve been having a blast going through the group mentorship session with these students the past few weeks. Really some amazing work coming from these guys, and I’m seeing a lot of fantastic improvements. I thought I’d take a minute to make a short video on some of the things I was going over during one of our meetings and do a quick paintover of some student work.

How You Can Paint Without Inspiration

A lot of you really liked the last video I released about autodrawing and moving past motivation when it comes to creating. For Part II, we’re picking up where we left off last time and diving into the painting process, while still maintaining a mindset of openness as focus on the process. I’ll talk a bit about how you can find inspiration within the painting itself, rather than needing inspiration to start painting.